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Our World- Class Program Features

Foundational Skill Masterclasses

Get a deep dive on new, in-demand, job-ready copywriting skills every single month. All Foundational Masterclasses are led by the most highly qualified copywriters in the industry.

Monthly Coaching Ask-Me-Anything Calls With A-List Instructors

Get the chance to talk directly to the world-class copywriters instructing you. This is your time to ask questions and get clarity on the nuances of skills to ensure you’re 100% ready to land clients.

Live Copy Critiques

With each Skill you develop, there’s a homework assignment. If you choose to submit it, you’ll get a live critique of your work. This kind of feedback is priceless and the absolute FASTEST way to improve your skills.

Amazing Copywriters Community

Join your fellow students for support and shared success. You’ll also be able to get help improving your work for real clients. You get an invite to this exclusive group as soon as you become a full Copycademy member.

Skill Badges

For each Masterclass you attend, you’ll receive an Official Copycademy™ Badge. Display it on your website, social media, resume, or anywhere else you’d like to impress potential clients.

Business Bonus Courses

These special bonuses will teach you everything you need to know about getting clients, negotiating the highest rates, growing your income, and launching your career.

Foundational and Advanced Microclasses

Take advantage of these result-driven Microclasses to solve specific issues. If you run into a problem in your writing career, chances are you will find the solution here. Our instructors have been there and done that.

Blockbuster Campaigns

Get your hands on the most successful pieces of copy our A-list copywriters ever created. Then adapt them to your own campaigns to increase your odds of hitting similar results.

Look over A-listers' Shoulder

Gain an insider view of how these copywriting masters work. They share their most intimate secrets with you on how do they start writing, how do they talk to clients and more…

Why Choose ?

Copycademy Funnel Copywriting
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thumbnail Going pro as a Copywriter
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Gain Recognition for Every Skill you Earn

Upon completion of each masterclass, you’ll receive an attractive badge and certificate. You’ll be able to place those badges and certificates on your website, your resume, and your social media profiles.

They represent your newfound knowledge. And clients will see them as proof you’ve obtained these job-ready skills.

Use them to set yourself apart from the copywriters who are only winging it.

How It Works

Copycademy has a curriculum that is easy to follow, from the comfort of your home, on your own schedue.

You don't need to have prior writing experience. Follow the steps and grow skills any time, anywhere.

Step 1: Complete your assessment

Complete your onboarding steps to make sure you get the most customized content for what you need.

Step 2: Start Writing

Follow the suggested content for you and start writing from day 1 by following the assignments on each course.

Step 3: Join the Copycademy Community

After the trial, you will be invited to join our exclusive group of writers. Start getting feedback and build profitable relationships.

Step 4: Get Expert feedback from A-listers

Bring your writing pieces to the our Live sessions. Take your skill to the next level and learn to land clients like A-list copywriters do.

Is Right For Me?


Varshith Krishna



Woohoo!!! The masterclasses on foundational email copy are amazing!!!
I'm so inspired by this session that I'm gonna write an email copy everyday just to practice and hone this skill!!!
Thank you for creating Copycademy!!!


AJ Mad



In Copycademy, I've enjoyed every video by Ekaterina Howard. Her explanations are all simple to understand and easy to act upon. Having such a broad platform to begin a copywriting/writing career, the points she discusses are indeed crucial. She has given me motivation and positivity that I can make my career a success.


Joanne Wong



A digital marketing agency has accepted me as one of their main freelance copywriters, fully aware of my lack of experience. I have been writing for them for 3 weeks now. It has been challenging.
But hey, Copycademy taught me to research myself !!
More than a profession, a high-income skill, it's a craft that takes going deeper to go higher, the formula for me to get into the audience’s conversation in the mind....wooohoo ( i’m so excited) .


Ismayil Natiq Oglu



With this skill you can work wherever, whenever, whoever you want to with. Moreover, less amount of time and high income, sounds good right?
If you have big ambitions, join COPYCADEMY that will provide you with all the necessary resources starting from zero and will guide you the fastest way to become a copywriter.


Antoine Gramont



New Funnel Launched for my client! I just built a new funnel from zero to hero And that’s working GREAT!
"Amazing masterclass! Thank you Sales Pages Expert, Nicola Moors for your insights and Dr Ed for your amazing questions that bring great information. I instantly tweaked my funnel headlines after we finished the session in CopyCademy !


Ana Obee



Copycademy is eye opening to me. Before joining, I didn't know if my copy was good or not....I did not know if my copy would sell or not. With the help of experienced copywriters, I was able to see my blind spots and take my copy to a whole new level and make sure it produces results for my clients.


Bor Feng



The most prominent advantage here is that Copycademy invites world-class copywriters of different expertise to share their experiences. They have helped clients to generate hundred thousands of dollars in sales if not millions.
Copycademy also includes step-by-step practical guides to land my first client as an entry-level copywriter. I am confident to step into the field within months if I follow their teachings.


Dana N. Huynh


Czech Republic

Recently, along with learning great lessons in Copycademy , i realised that If I put 100% effort into what I do, I will get 100% of the results and with what I've learned I could change other people’s live’s too .And here is my thanks to Alex, Candice, Joshua, Dana and Ed for the great lessons and advice that I can review and still find something new .My thanks also to the other members for your efforts that helps motivate me to take actions every day …


Jay Tiew Jin Jie



I’ve been in the digital marketing space since 2015.
For 3 years I was struggling to make less than minimum wage in a 3rd world country.
Even as an experienced digital marketer,Copycademy have proven to provide me great insights and feedback on my work.On top of that,I get to network with established copywriters. If you are anywhere remotely serious about being a high income copywriter,Copycademy isn’t an option, it is a must.

Here's What You Get

Every single month you will go deep dive into one of the most valuable writing skills in the market.
That way, you will never be in a situation where a client asks you for a skill you can’t master in Copycademy.

You also have the freedom to explore other skills when you become a Copycademy Member.

From Foundational Masterclasses  to Advanced micro-classes that take your game to the next level, Copycademy’s got you covered.

Write Emails People Want to Read

List Building

Make sure you are selling to the right people to maximize the results of your creative power.

Retail price: $197.00
Included With Membership

Mastering the Voice

Master the art of capturing the essence of companies and people to write for them.

Retail price: $497.00
Included With Membership

Email Copywriting

In this Masterclass, Email Copy Mastery, you will learn the art of email marketing- the most powerful, cost-effective method in your marketing toolbox.

Retail price: $299
Included With Membership

Create Sales Letters and VSL's that convert

Sales Pages

In the age of instant communication, sales letters are KING! When you need to nail the sale, a sales letter is the way to go…

Retail price: $497.00
Included With Membership

Synthesizing Copy

Follow the tricks savvy copywriters follow to synthesize successful copy for maximum conversions.

Retail price: $299.00
Included With Membership

Mass Persuasion in Sales Pages

Get ready to go deep into the mind of potential buyers and apply psychological powers in your sales pages.

Retail price: $599.00
Included With Membership

Video Sales Letters

Almost every business needs a sales letter. 87% of businesses use video marketing and video sales letters are sales letters on steroids.

Retail price: $499.00
Included With Membership

Webinar Offers

Create high-impact offers that customers won’t be able to turn down.

Retail price: $599.00
Included With Membership

Magalogs Copy

Discover how a hall-of-fame copywriter creates copy for mainstream publications.

Retail price: $799.00
Included With Membership

Crank Out Content Like a Machine

Thumbnail ADS Copywriting

Ads Copywriting

Writing the right kind of ad can make all the difference for your business.

Retail price: $479
Included With Membership
SEO Thumbnail

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting goes much deeper than just the right keywords.

Retail price: $479
Included With Membership

Speed Copywriting

Find out how Jack Turk cranks out good copy. The better you manage your time the faster you can grow your business.

Retail price: $199.00
Included With Membership

Fishing without Bait

Hardly anyone in the marketing industry has launched more campaigns than Brian. Discover how he uses content and email marketing to drive free traffic.

Retail price: $249.00
Included With Membership

Content Writing

Understand how to raise brand awareness and persuade visitors to trust your brand.

Retail price: $299.00
Included With Membership

Grow your Copywriting Business

Copycademy Funnel Copywriting

Funnel Copywriting

Included With Membership
thumbnail Going pro as a Copywriter

Going Pro as a Copywriter

Learn how to set yourself up for a professional copywriting career.

Retail price: $249.00
Included With Membership

7 Advanced Hacks for Finding Gigs

Take your client finding game to the next level with the hacks on this micro-class.

Retail price: $150.00
Included With Membership

5 Simple Hacks for Finding Gigs

Getting gigs doesn’t have to be a pain, follow this class and get ready for your first client

Retail price: $97.00
Included With Membership

The 3-Step System that Prepares You For Better Gigs

Before you start reaching to that dream client you've been checking out, make sure to prepare yourself and your assets for it.

Retail price: $199
Included With Membership

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Full time jobs are disappearing fast. So, it pays to be prepared. Copywriting is something you can do on the side until you’re ready to do it full-time.


Traditional education is dying. Most people don’t have 4+ years to learn a new skill. With Copycademy™, you can begin making money with the skill you develop in your very first month.


Copywriting is a High-Income Skill. You could earn $40,000 - $250,000 per year or more.


Work from home - or anywhere in the world! All you need is a computer and an internet connection.


As long as you hit your deadlines, you can work on your own schedule. Attend all the special occasions in your life others have to miss.


Millions of businesses are clamoring to grow their businesses online. Which means your skills will be more in-demand than ever.


In order for businesses to scale, they NEED copywriters. So, when you’re a copywriter who gets results, you really can write your own ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can try Copycademy for FREE for 7 days to see if it’s right for you. There’s no risk and nothing to lose.

All Masterclasses and supporting materials are recorded in advance. You’ll get an email notification as soon as new training becomes available.

You get enough content to get familiar with Copycademy and make a decision. Once you decide to become a full member you will be invited to join our Copycademy Family on FB.

After completing each Foundational Skill Masterclass, you’ll receive the corresponding Official Copycademy™ Badge. Then, you’re free to use that badge on your website, resume, portfolio, social media profiles – anywhere potential clients may see it.

Yes, cancel at any time.

No! In fact, the wrong writing experience can sometimes set you back. Copycademy™ will supply you with the skills you need to actually work as a copywriter.

The sessions are all remote. You can attend from the comfort of your own home.

COVID-19 has actually created a situation where millions of businesses are eager to transition and grow their brand online, which means your skills will be more in-demand than ever. You can take all of the Copycademy curriculum from home, and work from home as a high-income copywriter after you complete the training.

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