What If You Never
Had To Worry About How To Get New Copy Clients...

Ever Again?

Depending on the vicious cycle of low-paying gigs from Fiverr and Upwork… 

Breaking into a full sweat thinking about being an office zombie for the rest of your life…

…and still going to your day job wondering if you’ll ever make enough to be a full-time copywriter.

Will it ever get better?

Because this SUCKS!

That doesn’t have to be your reality.

You deserve to have a repeatable system for booking your calendar with high-paying clients over and over.

The problem is you’ve been told
a giant barrel of lies about freelancing.

Here’s some of those big fat lies…

Feast and famine is just how this business works...LIE!!

You have to pay your dues on job boards (like Upwork and Fiverr) to get started in copywriting...LIE!!

Landing a retainer client is a one in a million...LIE!!

You need to pony up a small fortune every month for over-priced masterminds to create a network...LIE!!!


You’ve been sold a bill of goods that as soon as you start freelancing you’ll be living the laptop lifestyle”…you’ll roll out of bed at 11 AM, take the summer off and take exotic trips to Europe where you’re going to backpack.

Yeah right!

Waiting for the Dream life

But here’s the COLD HARD TRUTH

(and the truth will set you free)

Many good copywriters are BROKE!

Writing well isn’t enough!

Lots of talented copywriters spend  time learning hooks and headlines but never learn to land clients, negotiate contracts, or run a real business.

The hard fact is there’s no college out there teaching the realities of freelance life…

If you want to make the leap from side hustle to full time – LISTEN UP

No one has ever shown you the RIGHT way to build a real-world, freelance copywriting business, where you’re changing lives and you’re excited to see your bank account every day. 

It’s not your fault that you’re struggling.

All you need is a leg up…

Imagine being invited into the inner sanctum of copywriting masters, like David Deutsch, Roy Furr, Joshua Lee Henry and learning how they cracked the code to:

Negotiating contracts

Reaching out to clients

Establishing themselves in the marketplace

Leaving their day jobs to go full-time

You could shortcut your learning curve by YEARS!

No more lying awake at night asking yourself if you’ll ever really make it

No more analysis paralysis in figuring out the right way to reach out to clients

No more insultingly low payments for work you can’t even claim authorship to

No more wondering if this is the best you’ll ever do as a freelancer

No more hearing, “When are you going to a REAL job?”
(can you hear the whining?)

No more bidding your way to the bottom in freelance platforms

No more humiliating loans from your friends and family to “just get by for another month.”

No more scraping by month-after month…

Get Everything You Need Right Now!

All the copy masters started from zero just like you…

They all had to break free from being a  “copy worker” to become a true High Income Copywriter™.

When you hit your stride you’ll master the art of copy flow.

Just like the masters who came before you… 

The one thing they all have in common is mentorship and learning from the grandmasters who came before them…

Which begs the questions…

How do you find mentorship
from qualified masters?

The first step is to avoid useless courses, dime-store internet hustlers, and copy “gurus” who are barely a step ahead of you.

Instead, look for the hallmarks of great copywriters who have built and grown legendary copy businesses.

Find industry experts who will show you how to:

Defeat imposter syndrome (and other mental mind monsters) so you never stare at a blank page worrying you aren’t worth it- ever again.

Target ideal clients using platforms like Upwork and ethically transform small one-off jobs into long-term contracts.

Avoid the demoralizing spray-and-pray outreach method of sending hundreds of unsolicited messages- and instead, strategically target and acquire future potential clients... like a High Income Copywriter™

Here’s the great news! You don’t need to scour the Internet spending hundreds of hours of trial and error trying to find these unicorn mentors.

We did the hard work for you! Now you can get mentorship from the best of the BEST in the landing copy clients all in one place.


Here's Everything You Get Inside Copycademy

You get high performance ressources on:

How to reach out to future clients WITHOUT cold blasting or spamming

How to beat imposter syndrome and have ideal client conversations with total confidence

How to negotiate your next contract and get paid well

How to overcome the self-sabotaging habits that plague every copywriter

How to land retainer clients consistently

How to break the client feast-and-famine cycle- forever

Your recordings will feature A-List Copywriters like Jay White.  Jay will show you how to move from Amateur Copywriter to Professional Copywriter, just as he has done with hundreds of his private clients.

In order to build a successful copywriting career you need to follow a specific “ascension ladder” (a sequence of steps). This allows you to reach your goals quickly and with no wasted effort!

Once you clearly identify your current career level, our expert mentors will help you create a clear action plan.

Here are the 4 levels you will work your way through and quickly reach:

Level #1
Amateur Copywriter

Every Amateur Copywriter begins nearly the same way:

You are in full on learning mode and are getting ready to be ready to launch your career.

You are…

Reading books by masters like David Ogilvy and John Caples

Taking courses from internet gurus​

Devotedly hand-copying sales letters

Joining FB groups with like-minded writers

This is an exciting time for you – imagine the world of possibilities open to you as an emerging new copywriter!

Finally, you are READY to dive into the ocean of opportunities…

Now it’s time to land your first client!

Level #2
Professional Copywriter

As a Professional Copywriter you put yourself out there… and wait.

Then it HAPPENS – you land your first copywriting gig.

Those first copywriting jobs typically come from Upwork or Fiverr with clients who pay you far too little for way too much work…

…complete with unreasonable deadlines, no idea what they even need and yet, expecting unrealistic results.

And despite awful clients and working for peanuts, “it’s still better than nothing”…

Then suddenly – no one is hiring. And the dry spell begins!

Panic sets in. 

Oh crap – will it ever end?!

So you do the only thing you know how to do…

Repeatedly put in humiliatingly low bids against hundreds of other copywriters on job boards… and WAIT.

Mercifully, eventually, something “comes through” and the cycle spins again, and again… rinse and repeat

Whew! Congrats. You know how to eke out a survival-based career, but it comes at a huge cost… stress, uncertainty, and sleepless nights worrying when your next gig will roll in?

At this level, you still can’t feed your family or pay your rent with your unpredictable pay.

Until…you make the decision to break free of this feast-famine cycle and become a true High Income Copywriter™.

Now it’s time to develop a stable, repeatable system for booking your calendar with high-paying clients over and over.

Level #3
High Income Copywriter™

The difference between a Professional Copywriter and a Copywriter is stability and ownership.

Professional Copywriters make good money through referrals, platforms, and client work. 

As a High Income Copywriter™, you will have stable pay through a constant stream of projects or retainer clients. You will take ownership of your business.

You have a relationship with clients that is guaranteed by solid contracts

You earn recurring revenue through royalties and retainers

You have PREDICTABILITY of your client relationships and income streams

You have inbound marketing that is predictably bringing clients to you

You are so booked up with clients you need to start referring to colleagues

You are a business owner... a High Income Copywriter™

As a High Income Copywriter™ work is FUN

Imagine hand-picking the clients YOU want to work with because you’re in demand…

…choosing only the projects you find interesting and light you up.

Having the freedom to work 4-day weeks – because you CAN.

Why not…

You made it!

You’re in charge.

You fought the good fight, and now you get to enjoy the spoils of victory!

A winner. 🏆

Now it’s time to deliver winning copy to your clients and build your reputation in the industry!

Level #4
A-List Copywriter

You’re not here yet… but if you stay the course, here’s what’s possible.

A-Lister Copywriters have already built their copy business and now have the authority and experience to leverage their skills one-to-many:

Consulting for big and small companies

Public Speaking Copy Breakdowns

Teaching a room full of poepple

Creating and Selling Info-Products

Coaching dozens of people

Buidling Businesses with ease

So once you’ve got clients – now you have to deliver the goods.

You need to get your clients real results!

That’s when the work really begins.

What you don’t know CAN hurt you and even burn your newly formed client relationships… not good.

No worries – Copycademy has you covered. We help you develop the skills that pay the bills and build client trust that leads to long-term lucrative relationships.

Enrolling in Copycadamy is how you gain access to the real-world copywriting education you DESERVE!

At you’ll have access to:

Skill Masterclass Trainings

Learn the skills to “move the needle” in your copy and marketing campaigns.

Skill Certification Badges

Use your badges on proposal, social media profiles, and anywhere else people can see them and know you’re a High Income Copywriter™.

Advanced Micro Classes

Get started with bit sized lessons. These lessons focus on one specific task at a time. 

A Top Level Copy FB Community

Network with your copywriting peers and get priceless feedback from Copycademy instructors who have “walked the walk.”

Masterclasses - Master Core Copy Skills

The minute you enroll in Copycademy, you get to watch Masterclasses taught by A-list copywriters who reveal their tried-and-true techniques that GET RESULTS.

In these invaluable Masterclasses you will learn top-earning skills such as:

List Building

Make sure you are selling to the right people to maximize the results of your creative power.

Retail price: $197.00
Included In Your Membership

Mastering the Voice

Master the art of capturing the essence of companies and people to write for them.

Retail price: $497.00
Included In Your Membership

Email Copywriting

In this Masterclass, Email Copy Mastery, you will learn the art of email marketing- the most powerful, cost-effective method in your marketing toolbox.

Retail price: $299
Included In Your Membership

AND as a Copycademy Member, you have 24-hour access to our library of ALL past Masterclass so you never miss a single gold nugget strategy or technique!

Community FB Group


Varshith Krishna



Woohoo!!! The masterclasses on foundational email copy are amazing!!!
I'm so inspired by this session that I'm gonna write an email copy everyday just to practice and hone this skill!!!
Thank you for creating Copycademy!!!


AJ Mad



In Copycademy, I've enjoyed every video by Ekaterina Howard. Her explanations are all simple to understand and easy to act upon. Having such a broad platform to begin a copywriting/writing career, the points she discusses are indeed crucial. She has given me motivation and positivity that I can make my career a success.


Joanne Wong



A digital marketing agency has accepted me as one of their main freelance copywriters, fully aware of my lack of experience. I have been writing for them for 3 weeks now. It has been challenging.
But hey, Copycademy taught me to research myself !!
More than a profession, a high-income skill, it's a craft that takes going deeper to go higher, the formula for me to get into the audience’s conversation in the mind....wooohoo ( i’m so excited) .


Ismayil Natiq Oglu



With this skill you can work wherever, whenever, whoever you want to with. Moreover, less amount of time and high income, sounds good right?
If you have big ambitions, join COPYCADEMY that will provide you with all the necessary resources starting from zero and will guide you the fastest way to become a copywriter.


Antoine Gramont



New Funnel Launched for my client! I just built a new funnel from zero to hero And that’s working GREAT!
"Amazing masterclass! Thank you Sales Pages Expert, Nicola Moors for your insights and Dr Ed for your amazing questions that bring great information. I instantly tweaked my funnel headlines after we finished the session in CopyCademy !


Ana Obee



Copycademy is eye opening to me. Before joining, I didn't know if my copy was good or not....I did not know if my copy would sell or not. With the help of experienced copywriters, I was able to see my blind spots and take my copy to a whole new level and make sure it produces results for my clients.


Bor Feng



The most prominent advantage here is that Copycademy invites world-class copywriters of different expertise to share their experiences. They have helped clients to generate hundred thousands of dollars in sales if not millions.
Copycademy also includes step-by-step practical guides to land my first client as an entry-level copywriter. I am confident to step into the field within months if I follow their teachings.


Dana N. Huynh


Czech Republic

Recently, along with learning great lessons in Copycademy , i realised that If I put 100% effort into what I do, I will get 100% of the results and with what I've learned I could change other people’s live’s too .And here is my thanks to Alex, Candice, Joshua, Dana and Ed for the great lessons and advice that I can review and still find something new .My thanks also to the other members for your efforts that helps motivate me to take actions every day …


Jay Tiew Jin Jie



I’ve been in the digital marketing space since 2015.
For 3 years I was struggling to make less than minimum wage in a 3rd world country.
Even as an experienced digital marketer,Copycademy have proven to provide me great insights and feedback on my work.On top of that,I get to network with established copywriters. If you are anywhere remotely serious about being a high income copywriter,Copycademy isn’t an option, it is a must.

Let’s face it – copywriting and entrepreneurship can be isolating and downright lonely at times.

Slaving away in your home office while enduring the ups-and-downs of a freelance career can wear down even the strongest-willed.

When you’re invited into the Copycademy Community Facebook group you immediately connect with a social support network of trusted allies who want to see you succeed.

Get real-time feedback and on the court copy-improving critiques from senior writers in the group to constantly level up your skills.

Advanced Freelance Microclasses

Freelance and Agency Hybrid

Included In Your Membership

How to Use Testimonials

Included In Your Membership

How Do I Spot Good Copywriting Clients?

Included In Your Membership

Copywriting is a fast-moving industry full of movers-and-shakers.

You’ll get quick Microclasses teaching you copy hacks and lessons on the latest techniques, all in bite-sized morsels with instantly actionable tips like how to:

Close clients over text

Write a headline in 60-seconds or less

Identify good clients from low quality ones

Identify bad client red flags EARLIER

Spot the hallmarks all GREAT opportnities have

And much more…

Shareable Badges and Special Awards for
Key Milestone Achievements

List Building Badge
Badge for Going Pro as a Copywriter
Badge for Ads Copywriting
Sales Pages Badge
Content Copy
Mastering The Voice
VSLS badge


You know what level you’re at and what level you want to be

You aren't dependent on job-platforms for business anymore

You’ve figured out how to land gigs

Your full-time living comes from writing copy (no more office job)

You’re a copywriter – one of the unsung heroes of the business world. The problem is that no one knows it yet!

In an era where competition is getting fiercer and attention spans are getting shorter, you need an easy way to show people what you’ve accomplished without lengthy explanations. 


For each Masterclass you complete, you’ll receive an Official Copycademy™ Badge. 

Future clients will know that you’ve spent hours with legends like David Deutsch, Alex Mandossian, Roy Furr and others honing your craft.

Display the badge on your website, resume, portfolio, social media profiles – showing future clients the strength of your copy pedigree.

There’s never been a better time to be a freelancer than RIGHT NOW!

The only thing standing in front of a successful freelance copywriting career is the right mentorship, skill development and supportive community.

Sure, you can go it alone and figure it all out but it will cost you.

In the months or even years you spend trying to piece the puzzle together you’ll pay the heavy price that comes with:

Here Are 7 Reasons

to transform your life and join NOW!


Can I earn a good living as a copywriter?

Businesses are crying out for great copy!

Let’s face it, economically, the world is becoming more virtual FAST! 

This means businesses need fresh new marketing tactics and campaigns that generate sales online IMMEDIATELY.

Otherwise, they risk getting crushed by competitors who get there first. 

No business can compete effectively, profitably or scale without GREAT copy.

Few professions will be as in-demand, sought-after or IMPORTANT as copywriters.

They need the indispensable skill you will master.

If you’re willing to put in the work now, you can write your own ticket- for the foreseeable future. The sky’s the limit!


Can I work at my full time job until I make enough money to go full time in copywriting?

Full time J.O.B.s are disappearing fast. 

So, it pays to be prepared. Copywriting is something you can do on the side until you’re ready to go full-time. Copycademy will teach you how to build a real copywriting business. You won’t just scour freelance platforms hoping to “get lucky.”

You should keep your day job until your business is strong enough. 

Then you can kiss the old office goodbye for good!


Would I be better off just going back to college?

The more you learn, the more you earn.
— Warren Buffett

Do you have 4 years and 200K to spend on getting a degree and retraining yourself for a rapidly shifting workforce?

Probably not.

As a copywriter you can start earning a living by mastering and practicing your craft while everyone else scrambles to make ends meet at corporate jobs that might not be there in a few months…


Will copywriting still be in demand as the workforce changes?

Have you ever heard of a business that doesn’t need marketing?

As a copywriter your job is the only one that businesses will ALWAYS need.

You will possess one of the coveted skill sets in the business world and your chances of being compensated handsomely for it are good…to say the least.

The sooner you build your business and position yourself for the future the better.


Work/life balance is important to me. Can I make my own schedule?

Businesses only care about results!

As long as you hit your deadlines, deliver your work when promised, and help the bottom line, you can absolutely work your own hours.

Some businesses might require a few team meetings but you can spare an hour here and there right?

If you get your work done well while meeting a deadline you can earn a great living and enjoy plenty of time with your loved ones.


Can I work from Home or from my laptop?

Tools like Zoom, Slack, and Voxer have made it MORE profitable for a lot of companies. In fact, you can work “full-time” with a business without the daily commute, office politics, and wasted time of showing up at an office no one needs.

You’re free to go to an office if you like but it probably makes more sense to spend time otherwise spent on commuting on getting results for your clients and enjoying some free-time.


Will the Internet help or hurt my business?

More and more brick-and-mortar businesses are moving online.

As they move online they will need to adapt to the realities of online business.

That means that as millions of businesses adapt to doing more and more online, they will need YOUR help to write compelling web copy.

You’re a copywriter...
so you know what comes next right?

Right now is when you expect the big FOMO push to come… to hear – you better join now because “it’s going fast!

How ‘bout if we just skip all that artificial scarcity? We won’t waste your time insulting your intelligence.

You already know what’s up – the real scarcity is lost opportunity.

Every minute you let slip away grinding it out writing as a side hustle is time you’re NOT living the life you want.

More businesses need talented, ready to go copywriters  than ever before. 

And that’s lit a fire for us here at Copycademy™… to step up, curate the absolute best content, teaching, resources, and expert copy business mentorship you will ever find in one place!

We’ve packed more value into Copycademy™ than ever before. And we’re offering it all at a fraction of the price of any ONE of our copywriting experts would charge individually.

All so YOU have everything you need RIGHT NOW to rocket launch your copywriting business and crush it- like a High Income Copywriter!

Let’s be honest – as a copywriter, if you STILL still don’t see the value and don’t want to take full advantage of this unprecedented time in history… bursting with opportunity and ACT now…

Perhaps you’re not serious about copywriting as a business in the first place.

This is it. 

Go time.

Every decision you make defines your future.

Say YES to your future – TODAY.

Smash the link below and let’s DO THIS!

See you on the inside! Where all the FUN begins.

Enrollment Plans

Monthly Enrollment Plan

$ 199 /month
  • Skill Masterclass Trainings
  • Advanced Micro Classes
  • A Top Level Copy FB Community
  • Live Ask the A-Lister Zoom Sessions
  • Live A-Lister Live Critiques & Feedback
  • Skill Certification Badges
  • $199/month. Automatically re-enrolls at same price.