What's better than learning by doing? Getting critiqued by an A-list expert, that's what!

It’s like climbing onto a rocket and taking off! The next best thing is getting to look over the shoulder of that same A-list copywriter as one of my Copycademy brothers or sisters gets the benefit of a world-class critique. This is more than a class. It’s a powerful life lesson, and the best way to make exponential growth. Thank you Team Dan Lok for making this possible!

Dan Matthews

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Quite early I learned, if you want to be a better copywriter you have to learn from people who have done it before you.
"CopyCademy helped me a lot with my skill development. Especially the opportunity to have my Copy critiqued by World-Class Copywriters, which accelerated my growth a lot."
I am so grateful for being able to sharpen my skills and receive a Copy Critique from the world's best, and that is live!