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You are about to tackle the biggest pain your potential clients have: Not enough sales.

When business owners say ‘I need sales’ what really they mean is: ‘I need to convert more traffic’

Business owners pay A LOT for traffic. Just to have people click on an ad, look around and leave.

Yes, sometimes they get the wrong audience. But let’s face it, targeting people on FB is easier than ever.

You can target a person leaving under a rock who owns a Poodle and likes 80’s music.

The problem is that (in average) 97% of all money spent in traffic is WASTED. Because they failed to shift the readers’ beliefs into buying the product.

Changing someone’s beliefs is tough.

Doing it in 40 secs or less in writing is an art.

It’s called the Art of Long Form Sales Pages.

That’s the reason why it pays so well.

So in November we’re going deep into Sales Pages.


Nicola Moors: Long Form Sales Pages Specialist and Creator of the P.I. method.

To get to where she is she did something pretty smart.

She used her journalist background to craft P.I method for Sales Pages. A bulletproof way of increasing page conversions.

She’s been busy as hell launching products for her customers. But she made time for you.

Now, grab a notepad and pen (and maybe some coffee or tea).

Get ready to write Sales Pages that sell.