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How to Avoid Clients from Hell as a Freelance Copywriter

And how to choose the Dream Client that you’ve been searching for!

Let’s face it…

The last thing you would need as a freelance copywriter, is to have a Client from Hell breathing down your neck. 

You know, which ones I am talking about…

The ones who try to nickel and dime you for every damn thing! 

The ones who seem to have an opinion on everything you write, even though they’re not an experienced copywriter themselves. 

The ones who give you an unrealistic deadline to complete it by or simply a late notice.

The ones who demand an endless amount of revisions to your copy.

The list goes on, but you get what I’m saying. 

These are the type of clients you want to avoid because quite frankly, you would end up frustrated. 

And let’s be honest, they’re a total pain in the a$s to deal with. 

Now picture this… 

Let’s pretend, you have your Dream Client (whatever that could be).

They understand your value and are more than happy to pay your price.

Not only that, but they actually provide useful feedback that you can use within your copy.

You would be open to the feedback because that would ultimately allow you to create better copy for your client.

And a long-term client, because you have that understanding with them. 

At the same time, they give you a realistic deadline to complete your projects and are very satisfied with the work you produce overall. 

Now that is a client that I would work for… I’m sure you would too. 

Is this even possible?


Because what I’ve just shared with you was my exact situation 2 years ago…

You see, after I was introduced to the world of copywriting by my good friend Thomas, and  he showed me what he does on a daily basis, I was gobsmacked. 

Because I always knew he was a copywriter, but I never actually knew what that meant.

So I never took interest in what Thomas did, until he actually showed me what a copywriter really is.

He showed me his last campaign

he wrote, the landing pages, the emails, the whole lot… 

And then he gave me insight to the numbers, that is what surprised me the most. 

The campaign Thomas made, generated over 1.2 million dollars in sales for a client within the business consultancy space. 

After seeing that and truly understanding what copywriting is…

I was totally hooked, I was amazed that I could use words to sell.

The idea of selling through the art of the written word just captivated me.

So I went to my local bookstore and grabbed every single book I can find on the subject. 

The Adweek Copywriting Handbook “Joseph Sugarman”

Ogilvy on Advertising “David Ogilvy”

On Writing Well “William Zinsser”

Made To Stick “Chip Heath and Dan Heath”

And more…

Man, I was hooked…

But of course that presented some challenges along the way…

I had those clients from hell, and I tolerated them for a long time, only because they were paying me a retainer and I needed the money. 

Thomas, my good friend, actually had to slap some sense into me and literally tell me  I need to stop that right away.

Then he shared with me the 3 steps he follows to land clients.

I can genuinely say, that after using his method, I’ve been able to work with good clients 90% of the time.

Say goodbye to Clients from Hell & say Hello to your Sexy New Clients!

First you need to understand the criteria of what makes a good client, so this leaves no guesswork. 

1 – Work with clients who buy copy regularly. 

You want to work with clients who understand the value of copy and what it brings. 

Because it’s naive to think that every single business owner out there is going to understand the value of well written copy. 

Typically, if you need to explain what copywriting is to a potential client, that alone is a red flag. Run away!

Working with a client who understands the importance of well written copy, will be much easier to work with. 

This tip alone, will save you a great deal of time and headache. 

2 – The client respects you as a professional. 

Client – “I can do this myself… but I just don’t have the time as I’m busy doing other important stuff” 

Now let’s be honest, if a potential client says that… Do you really think they would be a good client to work with? 

Respect goes a long way and in this case, both ways. 

You need to respect the client, and the client needs to respect you. 

Having a solid foundation for that particular relationship, will determine the success of your partnership. 

3 – You actually give a damn about their offer.

Now, I would say this is one of the most important sections that you need to read. 

If you don’t care about their offer, or what they’re selling in particular. 

What makes you think you would write a compelling copy for that client?

You wouldn’t and that’s the hard truth. 

When you give a damn about the clients offer, you would naturally go above and beyond for that client. 

And they will love you for it. 

Because it’s something you have a natural interest in. 

Now I am not saying you need to be a raving fan, and buy their products. 

I’m talking about a genuine interest in their product to sell to your mom if she had the need for it. 

And if you’re writing copy for a client and at the same time you don’t care about it…

Then it’s much harder to write persuasive copy for that client. 

So let’s recap. 

  1. Work with clients who buys copy regularly and get its value.
  2. You and your client need to have a mutual respect for each other
  3. You should care enough about  their products to sell it to your mom. 

Following these 3 steps would move you closer to finding your dream and ideal client. 

Gary Hopkins 

Copycademy Team 


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