Just the other day I was looking at my blog's performance...

And I wasn’t happy with the performance, I know something needed to change...

I just didn't have that many people reading my blogs...

And not to mention the lack of subscribers...

Sad Gary

So I decided to look at successful bloggers...

Sad Gary

Call me Sherlock Holmes!

Well Seth Godin is known to have a successful blog.

Let's have a quick look at his website...

seth godin

Instantly the "Akimbo Workshops" grapped my attention by the eyeballs 👀

Let's take a closer look shall we...

seth godin

But I can also very easily subscribe to his email list by clicking on subscribe.

Seth Godin has strategical placed them here for a reason...

seth godin

Seth Purposely Set Up His First Page This Way‼️

Notice, I didn't need to "Work" to find out all this, it's right there in your face.

He makes it easy for the user to choose what they want!

seth godin

Subscribing & workshop is cool and all but I want to know about the blogs...

Lets scroll down and see what we can find...

Nice! Just a scroll and I can already find the blogs! 😎

Instantly it takes me to a subscribe page... lets check this out.

seth godin on blogging


This is powerful, think about it... Seth Godin is making it very easy for the user to stay connected with his blogs.

seth godin on blogging

But there is something else, he is appealing to a human trait...

Have you figured it out?

seth godin on blogging


Humans are lazy, last thing they want to feel is "work"

So, by making the entire experience of the website easy to navigate... makes it that much easier for the user.

seth godin on blogging

So what do you learn here❓

1 - Seth Godins Website is easy to navigate. He keep it simple.

3 - I can easily subscribe to his email list (VERY IMPORTANT)

2 - He does not beat around the bush, straight to the point.

4 - I instantly know about his workshops. Even though my "Intent" was to see his blogs, I now know his workshops exist. (Potential buyer)

5 - Once I subscribed to his blogs, he does all the heavy lifting, I don't need to go back to his blog page, it's straight to my inbox (Which is what I am going to implement) 😉

6 - Design the user experience in such a way, that even homor Simpson will take action. (Lazy people proof)