Few days ago I was looking at my websites data.

copywriter freelance

And something caught my eye...

My new visters metric has gone down by almost 85%!

copywriter freelance

This made me feel...

Sad.. so sad...

I didn't know what to do, until...

copywriter freelance

My good friend Pablo phoned me, I just had to tell him whats been going on...

And than he proceeded to tell me how well HE was doing!

copywriter jobs

I was just telling him how bad I was doing and he proceeded to brag!

copywriter jobs

"But Gary, this guy helped me out big time, and I think he can help you too" Said Pablo

And than he told me about Neil Patel...

So naturally I got curious, so I checked out his website and...

copywriter courses

Now that is one sweet looking website 🔥

Neil Patel Website

But let's taker a closer look...

Notice the eye-catching headline. Neil is opening up with a good question.

Neil Patel Website

On top of that, he made it personal by using my geographical location.

Neil Patel Website

I can even analyse my own website and see how it performs.

What did you learn from this?

1 - Keep it simple, Neil Patel webite is effective because it's not so overwhelming.

2 - Have a good headline, 80% of users just read the headline and decide whether or not they should continue reading.

3 - Make it personal! Neil Patel used my location in his copy, and users love it when the copy is tailored to them.


Again, it's for the homepage, this keeps it simple and easy to digest.

Notice how his bio is simple and short and NOT a 400-page book.

Reading this, I instantly know that Neil Patel is a serious player in the SEO game. This makes me feel reassured to trust his advice.


Notice how it's beginner friendly, even if you don't have a website, you can still benefit from this.

And as I scroll to the bottom of the page, it gives me 4 options that I can take now.

What did you learn from this?

1 - Short, straight to the point bio works well for your website. No 400-page bio please!

2 - Neil Patel provides you with options on his homepage, they are not hidden. You are bound to click on something that interest you.

3 - I can't say this enough but keep it SIMPLE. Neil Patel has been in the industry for a long time, if he does not have a complicated website, why should you? So keep it simple.

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