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Upon completion of each Monthly Masterclass, you’ll receive an attractive badge and certificate.

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1. Learn to write

Not sure where to start? We’ll guide you through the right foundational & advanced copywriting skills from the best in each type of copy.

2. Start writing copy

Real-world Projects and Assignments created by A-list copywriters. You’ll be writing copy from day 1 no matter your skill level.

3. Get Expert Feedback

Get live Critiques on your work from best copywriters in the market. You can also tap into the wealth of experience of hundreds of copywriters in our community.

4. Gain insider practices

Watch behind the scenes of how they write copy. Then ask them anything you want in live Ask-Me-Anything sessions.

5. Land your dream client

Learn to connect, reach and close clients. Learn to upsell clients to recurring models, so you never have to chase gigs again.

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